Making Healthy Choices at Restaurants

Fuel your smile with Shrimp and Roasted Vegetable Salad.

Choosing a healthy choice from a restaurant menu can be so difficult.  It’s easy to think picking a salad is a healthy choice. And while often times it is, restaurants often have hidden calories and sugar filled dressings.  I recently was at a popular chain restaurant. They have a section called “super” foods. Sounds good right? WRONG! Every item on this menu was over 800 calories or more!  

The message:

1) think about the ingredients in the food, are found naturally in nature?

2) Portion size (quinoa-actually a seed, is a great nutrient dense food but check your portion size.  1/3-1/2 cup is a good place to start)

3) What tricky ingredients can I ask to be removed from the salad (dried fruit, tortilla strips, loads of cheese, dressing on the side, etc). These easy tools will help you!  Have questions? DM me!

Here is a salad I chose for lunch.

On the menu:

Mixed Green Salad: lettuce, Spinach, arugula, cucumber, squash, asparagus, sherry vinagrette

Pros: full of nutrient dense vegetables (I asked the squash and asparagus were roasted in olive oil- don’t be afraid of this-just keep portions in mind)

Cons:  Not enough protein (I try to have carbs, protein and fat at each meal)

So these were my subs:  I added grilled shrimp for protein as well as other important vitamins and minerals.  I also asked that they remove the lettuce and add more spinach (Vitamin C, B3, K and E, folate just to name a few).  I also asked for the dressing in the side (I could control the portions). I enjoyed a Chilled Cucumber Soup with the salad for a balanced meal.

Dental Product Feature: BasicBites Chews

👊🏻 Fuel your smile: with Dr. Yanover approved BasicBites Chews

Everyone knows about the importance of gut health and good bacteria. Did you know your mouth 👄 is an extension of your gut. BasicBites is an amazing and delicious way to help develop a good micro biome in your mouth. Invented at my alma mater Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine, I’ve studied first had the science behind these!

BasicBites are coordinated to help protect teeth in several ways. BasicBites nourish the beneficial pH- raising bacteria that are naturally found in dental plaque. These good bacteria convert the arginine in BasicBites into tooth-protecting buffers that immediately neutralize plaque acids and help maintain a healthy oral pH. BasicBites also contain the tooth protecting mineral calcium that can enrich and fortify enamel.

It’s well known that certain bacteria living on tooth surfaces feed on sugars from the diet and produce acids that can damage teeth. Decades of research investigating the oral microbiome led to the discovery of beneficial pH-raising bacteria living alongside these harmful bacteria. These good bacteria favor and convert arginine, a common amino acid found in healthy saliva and in BasicBites, into alkali or base. This results in immediate and sustained generation of buffers on tooth surfaces, which can help neutralize and counteract plaque acids, keeping teeth in a healthy pH (acid/base) balance.

Like healthy saliva, BasicBites also contains the tooth protecting mineral calcium and bicarbonate. In a normal and favorable oral pH environment, calcium can be reabsorbed into the teeth – a process called remineralization. Bicarbonate helps provide additional buffering and supports the benefits of arginine and calcium.

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